Can a foreign Artist secceed in US art competitions?

Have you heard of the great Estonian 🇪🇪 Artist Aapopukk @aapopukk? Well, in America we certainty have!

Not only Aapopukk has won multiple coveted ARC awards @artrenewalcenter, but also he is the single most awarded artist at the Portrait Society of America @the_portrait_society during the last 9 years of competitions (2012-2020).

Over that period, he has accumulated a jaw-dropping 21 PSA Awards and conquered the 1st position in a very competitive race against 784 award winning artists!

May this success story serve as an open invitation for the best artists from around the world to come and participate in the many US based international art competitions! We welcome you and we will be ready to celebrate your success… the same way we applaud the great Aapopukk @aapopukk

Author: Artdataintel

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