Painting camp of Puise Nina VI, 2021 second shift

Course price: 590 €.

As there have been more applicants than we could provide, we will offer two shifts to the paint camp in 2021. The person coming to the course can choose which weekend suits her/him better. 

Four busy days with new methodological seminars, under the supervision of an instructor and also with independent painting. The camp has been growing and is very popular. What makes it good? Accommodation is all in one place, Puise Nina Guesthouse. An exceptionally kind family accommodates and treats us as their family members. The narrow peninsula in the sea allows to see different nature. In the morning we gain new knowledge at seminars and in the second half of the day we implement these new methodologies. All professional tools and painting supplies are included in the price. Reservations for your bed should be made early, Puise nina Guesthouse: leidrek@gmail.com. Payment for accommodation and meals is made with Puise Nina Guesthouse. All participants can confirm that it is an high quality and affordable camp. The camp will be followed by an exhibition of completed works.

The first deposit for registering a place in the camp is € 150, to be paid in October 2020. The second bill will be in May 2021.

See you!

PS. For more mature makers, there will be one work that runs through the entire camp: a larger-scale oil painting of “man in action.” For example, a fisherman fussing by a boat, a man chasing out sheep, etc. Smaller methodological works in addition.

August 19, 2021 to August 22, 2021
   Puise nina, Matsalu

Registration – painting camp of Puise NinaVI, 2021 second shift