Eesti Tšellomängija Peeter Paemurru, FINALIST PSOA 2019 (valitud 2968 portree hulgast)
  -    -  Eesti Tšellomängija Peeter Paemurru, FINALIST PSOA 2019 (valitud 2968 portree hulgast)

Dear Aapo,
Thank you!

Thank you for entering the Portrait Society’s International Portrait Competition. I am writing to inform you that you were selected as one of the finalists. Your piece entitled Estonian Cello Player was selected from 2,968 entries!

Our goal in creating our annual exhibition is to display some of the finest portrait and figurative work being created today and to inspire and energize artists from all over the world. The judges based their decisions on a number of factors including:
· Proficiency: fundamental skill development
· Craft: masterful skill in their chosen style and technique
· Vision: unique point of view in the concept and design
· Empathy: sensitivity toward their subjects
· Transcendence: ability to describe, in subtle ways, more than might initially meet the eye

As a selected finalist, and to be eligible for an award, you need to be in attendance with your artwork on exhibit during our annual conference.

In the first round of judging our jurors individually reviewed 2,968 images over a five-day period. After 8 rounds of review the jurors selected 24 Finalists, 27 Certificates of Excellent and 50 ‘Select 50’. The final judging and awarding of prizes are now conducted by another set of jurors and from the originals on-site. Awards are presented Saturday evening, April 27, 2019, during the Gala Awards and Banquet program.

Christine Egnoski
Executive Director
Portrait Society of America
Celebrating Two Decades of Showcasing Portraiture and Figurative Art